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Under the UC “Leveraging Scale for Value Initiative”, Print Management was identified as one of the service categories with substantial opportunity for cost reduction, environmental impact, productivity improvement and security/compliance requirements.

The Health System issued an RFP and as a result has partnered with Ricoh, USA to manage our document output (copy, print, fax and scan) across the UCSF Health system. Ricoh’s expertise will streamline and align our processes and infrastructure to create a manageable, dependable print management program that will reduce our cost and increase employee productivity as we continue to meet and exceed our patient care standards.

In preparation for our May 2017 transition, Ricoh will be performing a walk through all of UCSF Health departments to place asset tags on each printer, fax and copier. This will occur for 4-6 weeks starting February 14th, 2017. The Ricoh team will carry a copy of this announcement as well as have UCSF security badges.

Please see below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. Should you have any further questions or concerns about this initiaive, please contact the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100.

Is this a UCSF Health only initiative or will UCSF Campus be involved as well?

Currently UCSF Health is moving forward with the Ricoh Print Management Program.  UCSF Campus is included as an assessment of the current state of the printing environment only. This includes an inventory and information collecting on all Printers, Scanners, Multifunction Devices, and Fax Machines. No decision to use Ricoh for the UCSF Campus has been made at this time. 

What types of devices will Ricoh be doing inventory on?

Ricoh will be conducting inventory on Multifunction Devices, Printers, Fax Machines, and Scanners.

When Ricoh is conducting inventory, what kinds of questions will the Ricoh consultants ask?

  1. What is your department name?
  2. Who is your department manager?
  3. Who is your point of contact for equipment like printers?
  4. What is your Cost Center or Department Code?
  5. How many people use that printer?
  6. Where do you store toner/ink for printers in this department?
  7. Are there any special paper or ink requirements we should be aware of? ( MICR, arm bands, labels, envelopes, etc..)

What is the inventory schedule for Ricoh?

(This is subject to change based on real world findings during inventory)

Campus Timeframe Dates
Mission Bay 9 Days

Week of Feb 14 thru Feb 17 & Week of Feb 20 thru Feb 24

Parnassus 10 Days

Week of Feb 27 thru March 3 & Week of March 6 thru March 10

Mount Zion 3 Days

Week of March 13 thru March 17

Laurel Heights 2 Days

Week of March 13 thru March 17

Outlying Area (In SF) 1 Day

Week of March 20 thru March 24

ZSFG Campus 2 Days Week of March 20 thru March 24

Outside San Francisco Outlying Area - East

2-3 Days

concurrent with Parnassus

Outside San Francisco Outlying Area - North/East 2-3 Days

concurrent with Parnassus

Outside San Francisco Outlying Area - Other 2-3 Days

concurrent with Parnassus


When Ricoh Print Management Program goes live for UCSF Health how do I get new printers or maintain existing printers?

More information will be provided as the program is rolled out over the next couple months.