UCSF Adds New Incentives to Boost IT Security Awareness Campaign

Esther Silver's picture

As high-profile data breaches continue to make headlines, UCSF IT Security has added departmental incentives to further increase involvement in the IT Security Awareness Campaign. Since adding the new incentives, monthly enrollment has increased 300%!

The ongoing campaign includes tips and training for safeguarding private data and University data assets, and serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting our patients’ personal and health information.

The campaign features a multimedia approach including videos, webpages and short quizzes to educate everyone at UCSF about the numerous free and simple solutions available across the University to help maintain data security. More information is available on the campaign’s website.

To encourage participation, two departments will win $500 vouchers to purchase IT Security Products such as encrypted thumb drives, laptop and IPad cable locks, etc. In January 2016, one prize will be awarded to the department with the greatest increase in the number of people involved in the campaign and one will be rewarded for highest increase in percentage of people involved in the campaign.

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