Archived Awareness Articles

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To help the UCSF population combat the newest trends in cyber crime, IT Security will be updating this section of our website frequently with articles about how to best protect UCSF as well as yourself and family from the newest threats.

Cyber Criminals come up with new ways to steal from people every day. Several watchdog organizations such as US Cert collect information about trends to look out for and tips for helping to ensure data stays safe.  To view their site, go to:

In addition, the SANS organization publishes a monthly newsletter, Ouch!, that provides current trends in cyber crime and how to combat them. It is a free security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user.  To subscribe to the newsletter go to:

Sans also provides daily tips that are very useful.  To view them, go to:



UC Celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Don't Let Your Data be Held for Ransome