Password Management for Windows

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How to manage your password at UCSF

Changing Password with Windows 7 or 10

We recommend using our Password Management Tool to change your password and to unlock your account in case it gets locked out. You must Enroll your account prior to use. Instructions for using the tool can be found here. For help chooing a password that meets our security requirements, please refer to our Password Complexity Requirements.


Windows Credential Manager

To open Windows Credential Manager, Open Control Panel and search for "Credential Manager".

Open Credential Manager and check if there’s a password saved using your Active Directory account.

(Box Sync, Outlook, Exchange Online, etc.)

Anything with “Domain\Username” or will need to be changed.

Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

After clearing the password in Credential Manager in the previous steps. Please close Outlook and relaunch.  You will be prompted to input your password. Please input your password and check "Remember my credentials"

Changing the UCSFwpa Wireless Profile Password

Windows 7

Open Control Panel, and Click on "Network and Sharing Center" 

*** If you do not see "Network and Sharing Center" please change "View By" to Small Icons***

Once in Network and Sharing Center, Click on "Manage Wireless Network"

You will see a list of Wireless profiles that are stored on your system.  Find and right click on UCSFwpa and select Properties.

Hit Advance Settings, and Hit Save Credentials. Please input your new password, hit OK until you are out and make sure it connects.

Windows 10

For Windows 10, there is no way to change the password. If your system cannot get on to UCSFwpa due to a password change, it will prompt you for a password.

To change it manually, you must forget the UCSFwpa Profile and reconnect to it.

If you are logged to Windows with an Active Directory account (campus\username, ucsfmc\username). When you connect to UCSFwpa. Make sure you select “Use my Windows user account” option so you do not need to change your password for UCSFwpa.

Other Applications

Please click here for more instructions on changing the password for other application (Cisco Jabber, Pidgin, etc.) that may use your Active Directory account.

Updating Your Password on Mobile Devices

Please click here for information on updating your UCSF password on Android devices

Please click here for information on updating your UCSF password on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

If you still need help

Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100 if you have additional questions about changing your UCSF password


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