Expanding Wireless

An Operational Excellence Initiative


The UCSF Wireless roll out project is one of the Operational Excellence Initiatives; laid out by the Chancellor to improve the delivery of IT services UCSF-wide. This project will provide a reliable high-speed wireless network based on two main goals:

  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Current wireless technology (802.11n)

Our existing coverage is being expanded to benefit the entire UCSF Community: faculty, staff, students and guests. This new service will be operated jointly by Campus and Medical Center IT units, and is actively being rolled out to UCSF buildings. The Operation Excellence (OE) committee on network technology has sponsored this initiative.

Project Manager: Sue Asay

Information on the active service and coverage areas is available on our Wireless Service page.

Project Status

September 13 2012 - Implementaion of initial wireless rollout is coming to a close and the team is reviewing the results of the rollout and prepairing to install additional access points to improve density in areas with existing coverage and improve coverage in areas without good coverage.

August 27 2012 - Sites are under review and we are addressing single access point issues. Design work is underway to add additional access points to improve density and improve coverage areas.

By Building Status

BuildingEstimated CompletionStatus
350 ParnassusTBDIn Design - See Notes
374 ParnassusNetwork LiveRollout Complete
Byers Hall (QB3)Network LiveFinal Review
Central Utility PlantNetwork LiveComplete
Clinical Sciences BuildingNetwork Live

Final Review

Community CenterNetwork LiveFinal Review
Environment Health & SafetyNetwork LiveRollout Complete
Genentech HallNetwork LiveFinal Review
Health Sciences Building EastNetwork LiveRollout Complete; Improvement design in process
Health Sciences Building WestNetwork LiveFinal Review
Helen DillerNetwork LiveFinal Review
Kalmanovitz LibraryUnder ReviewCoverage Testing
Kirkham ChildcareNetwork LiveFinal Review
Koret VisionNetwork LiveFinal Review
Laboratory of RadiologyNetwork LiveRollout Complete
Langley PorterTemporary Solutin in PlacePlanning replacement
Laurel HeightsNetwork LiveCoverage testing underway
Medical Research Building IVNetwork LiveRollout Complete
Medical Sciences BuildingNetwork LiveRollout Complete; Scheduling improvements
Mission Bay Student HousingIn PilotTesting of proposed solution in process
Mission Center BuildingNetwork LiveFinal Review
Millberry UnionNetwork LiveFinal Review
Moffitt HospitalSee BelowSee Notes
Mt. Zion BrunnNetwork LiveFinal Review
Mt. Zion Cancer CenterNetwork LiveFinal Review
Parnassus Services BuildingNetwork LiveFinal Review
ProctorSee BelowSee Notes
Rock HallNetwork LiveFinal Review
School of Dentistry

Network Live

Rollout Complete; Improvement design in process
School of NursingNetwork LiveRollout Complete; Scheduling improvements
SurgeNetwork LiveComplete
UC HallNetwork LiveFinal Review
WoodsNetwork LiveFinal Review

Site Notes

350 Parnassus

Medical Center IT and Campus ITS are collaborating to expand the wireless solution at 350 Parnassus.

Moffitt Hospital

Medical Center IT and Campus ITS are collaborating to expand the wireless solution at Moffitt Hospital on Parnassus.


Medical Center IT and Campus ITS are collaborating to expand the wireless solution at Proctor on Parnassus.

What if your site isn’t listed?

If your site is not listed it could be for four reasons:

  • The site already has wireless coverage
  • The site is managed by the Medical Center, please see the Medical Center Wireless page for more information
  • You are at a small remote site which is planned under the T1 upgrade project (a T1 is a slow network connection which connects many remote facilities to the UCSF network)
  • Your site falls under a different project; examples include:
    • Mission Bay Housing
    • Mission Bay Neurosciences Facility (Building 19a)

If you think we are not addressing your area we ask that you open a ticket requesting service for your area through