Accessing UCSF Box if you're not part of UCSF

1. When you click on the link that your UCSF collaborator sent you, you will be directed to this page.  Click on the lower section that says "Not part of the University of California, San Francisco?  Log In or Sign Up Here"

Image of \"Part of UCSF?' display

2. If you have already have a Box account, log into your account on the login screen here.  If you do not yet have a Box account associated with the email address that the UCSF collaborator used to share the file with you, click on 'Create Account.'

General Box login screen

3. Once you either log in or create an account, you will be directed to your UCSF-owned file.  

4. To create a new account, you will be directed to Box's sign up screen. Click on the Personal tab to sign up for a free account.

5. Then click on 'Sign up' and follow those instructions.