Transfering Ownership of Folders

If you are leaving UCSF and have shared data/folders with other colleagues, you need to transfer over ownership of those folder to who ever you like so that other can still access the content once you leave.

Steps on how-to transfer content:
  1. Login into your UCSF Box account, via MyAccess  
  2. Select folder that you are transferring​
  3. Under 'Collaborators', determine who you want to have ownership of the folder
  4. Click the link under their name, example: Editor 
  5. Select 'Owner' from the menu
  6. You will see a pop-up message, displayed below. click 'Okay' ​
  7. At this point you are now an editor to the folder instead of its owner.  
  8. The folder has a new owner yet everyone who had access to it beforehand still does


  • If you want all your content transferred over to another user account and your account deleted, submit a ticket. Note the name and email of the user you want to have ownerships of the your files.