Create an account and use Box

Erik Wieland's picture will provide secured cloud file storage and sharing for the UCSF Enterprise. It is intended to provide highly mobile users access to their data. Use Box to securely store, share, and collaborate on documents both internally and externally. Rather than using email to send attachment, you can use Box to send larger files and content blocked by Exchange. Box offers a user-friendly web interface and enterprise security. For mobile devices, you try the Box Mobile Client, available for iOS, Android, and other platforms. To sync Box files to your desktop, use Box Desktop Sync.

Creating and Logging in to Your UCSF Box Account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Continue


  3. Enter your MyAccess or AD domain credentials and click Login


Box Sync

The Box Sync utility keeps files from their Box accounts in sync with their computer desktops.

Install Box Sync:

Box Sync 4 - Windows:

Box Sync 4 - OSX: