Salesforce @ UCSF is both an application and a platform with a variety of uses.

UCSF has a Software as a service center for excellence specializing in Salesforce. The Salesforce team is part of the Software-as-a-Service Solutions team, providing a center of excellence for Salesforce implementation and vision. 

UCSF utilizes across many departments and groups:

  • including research applications (Athena Breast Health Network, Participant Recruitment System)
  • clinical applications (Concierge Services, External Physician Referrals, Nursing PI Surveys)
  • academic applications (GME Program Management, Honors and Awards), and 
  • administrative applications (Enterprise Chatter).


Benefits of using the UCSF Salesforce platform include:

  • Low cost, pay as you go licensing model
  • HIPAA compliant security, application flexibility and scalability
  • Faster, iterative application development
  • Single sign-on security through MyAccess
  • Pre-built integrations with UCSF enterprise datasets
  • Easily reuse applications built by others
  • Self-service reports 

Our focus is on providing solutions that utilize existing applications, configured to fit UCSF specific use cases, such as:

  • contact/person management: staff, students, faculty, alumni, patients, referring physicians, & donors
  • case management: requests for UCSF services and information
  • contract management:  contracts and other agreements
  • crowd-sourcing/idea generation:  web based suggestion boxes
  • collaboration:  enterprise social networking