Campus / School of Medicine Account Request Form Instructions (for Network, Email, File Share access)

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  1. Open a web browser and browse to
  2. If prompted, log in with your MyAccess credentials or Network logon account (Active Directory)
  3. Click on ‘Accounts and Email’ as shown below
  4. Click on ‘Campus & School of Medicine Account Request Form’ as shown below
  5. Under “Requested By”, you may change the name to the hiring manager’s name if necessary
  6. Under “Requested For”, search for the name of the new hire
  7. If the name of the new hire has not been added to ServiceNow, check the box labelled “Check this box if you cannot find the user name in the database” and manually type in the name and the UCID/EID of the new hire provided by HR.
  8. For ‘Worksite’ enter the building address where the new hire will work (e.g. “505 Parnassus”, “1600 Divisidero”, etc.) For ‘Room Number’ enter the suite number or the cubicle number.
  9. For ‘Manager’ type in the name of the person this new hire will report to. Below is an example of a completed ‘Requested For’ section:
  10. Under ‘Account Request Type’, fill in the information as appropriate.  Although it is recommended to fill out a separate for form each new hire, if this is a bulk request, you may select ‘Yes’ under the Bulk Request section and list out the names, employee IDs, and department names under the Notes section at the bottom.
  11. Under ‘IT Field Services (ITFS) Subscription Changes’, fill out the information as appropriate. .
  12. There are 2 sections for requesting file share access: “SOM Network Shares” and “IT Field Service & DLS Network Shares.” In most cases, requesters with accounts in the SOM domain will be using the “SOM Network Shares” section and requesters with accounts in the CAMPUS domain will use the “IT Field Service & DLS Network Shares” section. Note that only designated SOM Authorized Account Requesters will be able to fill out the “SOM Network Shares” section. If the specific shares needed are unknown, requesters can check “Model/Copy Access after” and type the name of someone who already has access similar to what the new employee needs. We recommend that all requests include a “copy after” name, especially for file shares administered by ITFS Engineering.
  13. For the Request Computer Setup section, this is where you can simultaneously request a new computer order - or setup an existing computer for the new employee.
  14. For the last section shown below, it is important to type in the following instructions in the ‘Notes/Special Instructions’ field in order for your new hire to be provisioned appropriately. You may feel free to add any special request in this section as you see fit.
  15. When you are done, click “Order Now” and wait for a confirmation. Please be advised the Service Level Agreement for account requests is 3 business days. If you need a request completed within the 3 day timeframe, please submit this form first and then contact the Service Desk at (415) 514-4100 to request a rush order.