Connect At Your Service to your MyAccess account?

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AYSO One-time Setup

  • Log into
  • Search for "AYSO"
  • Click on the "At your Service Online" link
  • Select "University of California, San Francisco" from the list of Schools (see screenshot below)


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Note: “Remember my selection for this session only” is the default option. This option remembers "University of California, San Francisco" until you quit your browser. "Do not remember my selection" means that your browser will completely forget what you chose, and "Remember my selection permanently" means that you will never be presented with this screen again. You may click on one of the buttons to select the option of your choice. Also note that if you have ever used the InCommon "Where are you from?" page before and selected "Remember my selection permanently", then you will not see this screen at all.

If this is your first time accessing AYSO from MyAccess, you will need to perform the following one-time setup.

  • On the At the Your Service Online (AYSO) Sign In page, enter your current AYSO password (if you forgot your password, you can click on the "Forgot your Password?" link)
  • Click Sign In


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  • If this is your first time logging into AYSO via MyAccess, then you will have to set your UCTrust Authorization (please read the options carefully)


  • If you would like for AYSO to not require your AYSO password every time you access AYSO, select the first option
  • If you would like for AYSO to require your AYSO password every time you access AYSO, select the second option
  • Click Continue

You should now be logged into AYSO.