Convert Departmental Computers Prior to IT Field Services Onboarding?

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  1. Customer opens a ticket in ServiceNow with ITFS_Engineering for access to images.
  2. Customer checks hardware specifications and gets familiar with ITFS image, process, and documentation. The supported hardware on the Converting computers to ITFS standards page refers to Device Supportability Criteria. The steps are outlined on the ITFS wiki Customer Conversion/Onboarding under the section Converting computers to ITFS standards.
  3. Customer opens a ticket in ServiceNow with one of the site teams (ITFS_LH-MTZ, ITFS_MBAY, ITFS_MCB, ITFS_PAR, or ITFS_SFGH) for training and QA from a Field Technician. The training may be waived if the customer has already imaged machines using the UCSF standard image.
  4. ITFS Field Technician trains customer, usually within 5-10 business days.
  5. Customer images some machines.
  6. ITFS technician QAs work. This is a spot check of 5-10 machine, using the QA Checklist
  7. ITFS Desktop Engineering runs a BigFix report to confirm that all machines meet ITFS supportability requirements.