Get or buy software?

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  • Determine your operating system
    • UCSF IT Field Services licenses the operating systems (Windows/MAC) as well as the basic Microsoft Office suite for all Basic and Premium customers.
  • For client security applications, like anti-virus or desktop encryption, please visit the ITS Security Software Download site at
  • Choose additional software on Bear Buy
    • For a complete list of additional software available at UCSF, please see the SHI Punch-out site at BearBuy.  Annual MCCA (Microsoft Campus Consolidated Agreement) renewals are due in early May.  ITFS provides MS Office to its customers.  Renewals for add-ons such as Project Pro or Visio Pro are the responsibility of the Department or Organizational Group.  More information.
  • For software not listed, call the IT Service Desk or submit a ticket
    • If you have any questions about which software fits your needs, or if the software you need is not listed, please contact the IT Service Desk (415.514.4100) and the responding agent will create a ticket for you or submit a software request via the Employee Self Service Portal
  •  For personal purchases, please go to 

    This web store is hosted by Kivuto, the partner chosen to help with distribution.  You will be asked to login with your MyAccess credentials to access the store; there is a nominal cost to the vendor for the download.  It’s important to note that you will have access to your download and key for 30 days. You should archive both the installer and its key in case you need to reinstall at a later date!  Kivuto is happy to charge you extra to archive your access for a year at an additional cost, but it is not required -- do not purchase this option, just save your installer and key.

    Please note, you should purchase Windows 7 Ultimate ($12.15), NOT Professional ($15.75) which does not support BitLocker encryption (the Microsoft native encryption which offers improved compatibility).