MCCA Renewals

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MCCA stands for the Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement and annual renewal orders are due May 8, 2015. SHI is the contracted UC vendor for Microsoft products, but the SHI punch-out in BearBuy, does not include MCCA products. DO NOT USE the SHI punch-out in BearBuy which takes you to the wrong site. Therefore the quotes must be created on the external website:

  • UC Login: mccauser
  • Password: mcca2015
  1. MCCA Renewals are based on FTE so you should first determine your FTE count by using the calculator on the SHI MCCA Welcome Page.

  1. Once you know how many you need, click on the MCCA 2015 Price List on this page
  2. On the next page, click on the MCCA 2015 Price List for Portal hyperlink. It should open in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Then go to the MCCA Price List to find the products that you need to renew. These are our most popular add-ons at renewal time:

  1. From the home page, go to Product Search.

  1. Enter the product number or keyword in the search field and click on the Search button.

  1. Proceed with creating your SHI cart and update the quantity by clicking on Update under Shopping Cart Actions.

  1. When your cart is ready, click on Save as Quote under Shopping Cart Actions.
  2. On the Save Quote page it is very important that you fill out the data entry fields.
    • Quote Name: Enter UCSF, your department name and 2015 MCCA Renewal type (Example: UCSF Pediatrics 2015 MCCA Add-on Renewal)
    • Additional email Addresses: enter Your email address; [email protected]; [email protected]
    • Comments: Enter your name, UCSF, your department, list of items you are ordering
  3. Next, click on Save Cart as Quote.
  4. The quote will be sent to you as an attachment. Please save it so that you can attach it to your BearBuy cart.
  5. Log into BearBuy
  6. On your Shopping Home Page, go to the Frequently Used Forms section and select Amount-based PO.

  1. Enter Supplier: Type in SHI and select SHI International Corp
  2. Product Description: Type in (or paste) the SHI Quote Number, the quantity and part numbers of the items in your quote.
  3. Commodity Code: Select 00208 - Soft Maint/Lic Agrmnt-55053
  4. If Supplier has access to Protected Health Information (PHI), select HIPAA. Otherwise select NO.: Select NO.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the form and go to External Attachments on the lower right, and click on “add attachment.”
  6. Browse to your saved quote and attach. Click on Save.

  1. Once the form is complete, click Go at the top of the form to add it to your BearBuy Cart.
  2. Rename the Shopping Cart so that you and the person you assign it to will know what it is. See illustration.

  1. Click Update to save name change.
  2. If you have the ability to place orders for the funding organization in BearBuy, follow your standard process. Otherwise, assign the cart to someone who can.
  3. Type them a note about the cart and send it to them.

Watch your requisition as it goes through the approval process.  When a Purchase Order is assigned to it, contact the SHI team ([email protected]com) with the PO, requisition, and quote number.Please copy [email protected]. Emphasize that this is your UCSF MCCA Renewal order and that it was placed through UCSF’s BearBuy system and not through the SHI website.

Thank you for your business!