Update non-operating system software

What is non-operating system software?

This can include email clients (eg. Mozilla, Eudora, Outlook, Lotus Notes), accounting software, PDF viewers (Adobe Acrobat, Ghostview), music players (eg. iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player), instant messaging (Yahoo, AOL, MSN), Microsoft Office (for Windows and Mac), and many others.

Why do I need to update non-operating system software?

Almost all software gets an update to fix an error or security vulnerability. The fixes can address problems including but not limited to: program crashes, personal information disclosure, data theft, hacking, installation of trojan or spyware programs, and data destruction.

How do I know if there are updates and where do I find them?

Unfortunately not all software vendors are good at communicating that updates to their software are available and needed. More and more vendors are building in auto-update features to notify users, when connected to the internet, of available updates. It prompts the user that updates are available and offer the option of installing them. For programs that do not have an auto-update function, it is recommended to check the vendor's website once a month for updates