Do Not Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft has released its latest OS, Windows 8. Though the upgrade delivers great new features, it has not been fully vetted for compatibility with the UCSF computing environment.

Those who install Windows 8 may experience problems.  While the current version of PGP can function on the latest operating system, it only supports legacy BIOS-based system and does NOT support the new UEFI-based systems nor GPT partitioned drives found on newer Windows-8 certified machines; that support is not expected until mid-2013.

However, the latest version of SEP (v12.1.2) now fully supports Windows 8 and can be downloaded at the [email protected] page.

To learn more about Windows 8 (and in the spirit of OE, leveraging great work across campus), please take a look at this article from DOM IT, published during the preview months leading up to Windows 8 release date.


If you have questions, please work with your departmental IT service provider or contact the IT Service Desk at: 415.514.4100