UCSF2025 Gaming Center

MCB Lobby on September 11 from 12 - 3 PM

Any and all are welcome at the UCSF2025 Gaming Center in the lobby of MCB from 12 - 3 PM on September 11. Hosted by RRP and ITS, this is our chance to contribute some "blue sky" ideas via the UCSF2025 game.
To facilitate group brainstorming and idea submission, this centrally located UCSF2025 Gaming Center will be complete with refreshments to feed the thought process and plenty of computers to submit your ideas. Our UCSF2025 Gaming Center will be set up in the main lobby of the Mission Center Building (1855 Folsom Street). This central location is easily accessible via campus shuttle. It will be open from 12 - 3 PM on the first day of the game, September 11.
Anyone interested pre-game "warm-up" sessions to start the creative juices flowing should contact [email protected].