Archibus Space Management System Goes Live

The Campus Planning and UCSF Health Facilities Departments, in partnership with the UCSF Program Management Office and IT Department, have successfully implemented the replacement of the campus Space Inventory System (SIS) with a new web-based system named Archibus.

Archibus replaces SIS as the system of record for UCSF’s space data, and provides dynamic reporting, floor plans, and analytics tools for decision makers who need to determine how to use UCSF’s precious space assets. Employee location is synced between Archibus and other identity systems such as the Campus Locator System (CLS) and the UCSF Directory. Already, over 600 UCSF Archibus users are able to perform the space management functions required in their units, departments, and control points.

With the go live of Archibus, the UCSF Health Facilities Departments and Campus are now sharing the same Space Management System. The project entailed extensive process redesign work to ensure UCSF has processes to maintain accurate space data. The Archibus system is in the process of expanding to include Real Estate Services for Campus and Medical Center.

Additional enhancements slated to start soon include:

  1. Enabling the system to conduct the F&A Rate Survey that helps in determining the allowable costs of work performed under sponsored agreements, such as research grants.
  2. Integration with geographical information systems (GIS) to enable 3D modeling of UCSF properties and graphics.
  3. The ability to locate research contracts and grants where they are taking place.

With the space data from the old (SIS) system now migrated into Archibus, critical next steps have already begun to verify and improve the quality of that data. A major initiative supporting this effort is the campus’ Annual Space Survey that is currently under way, running from September 12th through November 14th. The Annual Space Survey is a designated time period for Archibus users to update information about the space that they are responsible for, including employee locations. Project teams will also be making a further physical assessment of space at three primary locations over the next several months. These teams will survey work and lab areas at Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Mount Zion. These combined focused efforts will work to improve our space related data, and our ability to supply accurate reporting and analytics.