Changes have come to the Campus and School of Medicine Account Request Form

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Campus/SOM/ZSFG ARF Update

The “Campus, SOM & ZSFG (SFGH) Network and Fileshare Account Request” (accessed from has been upgraded to a new version. We made significant changes to the overall look and feel of the form as well as making improvements to how requests are performed.

Some of the most Notable Changes are:

Integrated Bulk Requests


  • Requestors can now add as many people to their request as they'd like when creating accounts for multiple people.

Removal of the "Department Transfer" Account Request Type

  • To further streamline the customer experience, and improve overall clarity, the "Department Transfer" account type was removed.  There is no need any longer to notify IT when a person is moving from Department to Department.  If any accoutn access changes need to be made, Requestors can still submit a request to "Modify" that person's account.


ONE network share section

  • The current version of the form has two sections to request network share access. In an effort to streamline the request process, these separate sections will be combed into a single place to request access to all network shares.

ONE approval process

In the new iteration of the form requestors will submit their requests for file share access to an authorized approver. The approval request email will come in the form of an automated email from [email protected]. Upon approval, the request will be processed within 3 business days. All employees with director, manager, and supervisor title codes have been added as an authorized approver.

  • Approval from an authorized approver will be required before access to “network/work-group shares” can be granted. When you select to setup access to one of these shares, you will be prompted to select from a list of authorized approvers.

  • If you cannot find the person you feel is the appropriate approver for the request you are making, you can check the “Check here if you cannot find your authorized approver” box and suggest a new authorized approver. We will review the request to make sure it meets the criteria for authorization, and, if so, add your suggested approver to the authorized approvers list, so they are readily available in the future.

An exhaustive list of selectable file shares

Requestors will be able to search and select from a list of file shares that are specific to their group or department, making the request process easier and more accurate on the front-end to help improve efficiencies on the back-end.

  • When you request access to a “network\work-group share”, you will now be presented with a “Network Drive List” where you will need to select your department from the “Department” list.

  • All the shares (currently included in our database) associated with the selected department will show in the “Collection” field.

  • Simply highlight the share name that you want to request access for and click the arrow button to add it to your list of selected Network Drives. If you make a mistake and need to remove a drive from your “List”, simply highlight it and click the left pointing arrow.
  • ***Tip – Double-clicking also works!

  • If the network share that you are requesting access for is not yet in our database and not on the Collection list, you are able to free-type exactly what you want by clicking “Check this box if your item is not found”.

Less required/unnecessary fields

  • A reduction in the number of fields that are unnecessary for access provisioning to help make form submittal easier and more efficient.

Integration of the ZSFG/SFGH Account Request Form

Faster (automated) Account Creations

  • In an effort to improve the speed at which accounts are created, IT is implementing an automated solution for new Campus account creations.
  • This change will allow near real-time fulfillment of network/email account requests
  • More Information can be found at Faster (automated) Account Creations.

Clarity and Efficiency

  • Better verbiage throughout the form with better instructions to make the request process more clear.
  • Other back-end workflow changes to make the overall provisioning process more efficient and timely.

Stay tuned for further future improvements!