FROM THE CIO - December 2014

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UCSF Community,

Here are the latest service updates from the UCSF IT team.

As is a common theme this year, we continue our focus on data protection and information security across UCSF. We also continue to partner with our clinical and non-clinical colleagues to identify how best to leverage technology to develop critical research tools and business solutions.

Please take a few minutes to read the below updates and familiarize yourself with the security requirements and new business tools that may be of benefit to your department.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
Joe Bengfort
Chief Information Officer, UCSF


Ensuring Data Protection and Information Security Across UCSF

Privacy and Security Training

With a call-to-action from UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood and UCSF Medical Center and Benioff Children’s Hospital CEO Mark Laret, the online Privacy and Security Training Program launched with a bang this year as UCSF continues to make progress on its commitment to protecting confidential information. Learn more about the Privacy and Security Training required across UCSF.

Security Enhancements at UCSF: Now and Into 2015

Two recent security initiatives will continue into 2015: campus border firewall filtering and expansion of the encryption program. Learn more about both of these programs and how they may impact your desktop or laptop. 


Other IT News

A New Tool to Improve Efficiencies: Welcome DocuSign

DocuSign, our new electronic signature solution, is now available across the UCSF enterprise. Join the growing ranks of business units, labs and clinicians already using DocuSign.


Department IT Managers:  Windows Server 2003 Will No Longer Be Supported

With more than a decade operating across the UCSF enterprise, the sun is about to set on Windows Server 2003 support from Microsoft which ends on July 1, 2015. With nearly 600 UCSF servers still using Windows 2003, the time is fast approaching to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 or higher.  For all servers supported by the UCSF IT Department, we will manage your group's upgrade.  For those groups that have their own IT departments, we encourage the IT department(s) to contact us so that we may assist with your server upgrade.  To reach our Windows Servers 2003 team Click here.


Area Code Change Coming to Bay Area
The California Public Utilities Commission approval of a new “628” area code overlay for San Francisco, Marin and a small portion of San Mateo counties takes effect on February 21, 2015. As a result, residents and businesses with a “415” area code(s) will be required to dial a 10-digit number that includes the area code (example: 415-777-7777) -- even when calling another “415” number.  After 2/21/2015, if the new dialing procedure is not followed the call(s) will not be completed.  Beginning March 21, 2015, new telephone lines or services may be assigned to the new area code overlay using the “628” area code.
PLEASE NOTE: UCSF has 5-digit dialing in place between our prefixes: 476, 514, 502, 885 and 353. The new area code overlay will not impact the internal 5-digit dialing currently in use. UCSF users will continue to dial the last 5 digits of the telephone number when dialing internally. For more information on the new area code overlay see the CPUC's web site:


Sharecase 2014

As a result of UCSF hosting the annual UC Computing Services Conference in August, the decision was made not to host Sharecase this year on the UCSF campus. It will, however, return with a bang in the fall of 2015. Stay tuned for more details in the new year.


Favorite Apps

CLS UCSF – The brand new UCSF app from Campus Life Services helps navigate UCSF and the City. Free.

Retail Me Not Coupons – On-line coupons and deals – perfect for holiday shopping. Free.

MyFitnessPal – A great app for tracking food intake, calories, and nutritional information over the holiday season (or year-round). Free.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – Tracks the amount and quality of sleep you get with a gentle-waking alarm clock. This is app requires purchase.