CIO News - July 2015

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UCSF Community,

Data security continues to be a major theme within IT at UCSF. Over the next six months, our teams are focused on several high-profile security initiatives that will be visible to you in some way. Of particular note, I want to underscore the importance of backing up your UCSF-owned laptop or desktop computer. If you have an ITFS-managed laptop and/or desktop, verify that backups are working by following these instructions, or contact the Service Desk at 415-514-4100. Ensuring your valuable, work-related data is backed up is an important step in enhancing our data security efforts.

In this edition of From the CIO we’ve also included other enterprise-wide business updates, so for more information on topics such as the expansion of the Enterprise Content Management Program, and our progress to launch new analytical dashboards please read on.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the departure of Pam Hudson, executive director of clinical systems at UCSF Medical Center. Pam’s passion, drive and foresight will continue to have a profound effect on the IT health industry for years to come. We wish her the very best in her new endeavor with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. We’re very fortunate to have Heidi Collins stepping in as the Interim Executive Director of Clinical Systems.

Please take a few minutes to read more business updates from IT below.

Thank you,
Joe Bengfort 
Chief Information Officer, UCSF


New Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The new, higher performing, and more secure version of Virtual Private Network (VPN) at UCSF is now available. If you are a current, or soon-to-be VPN user, click here to get started.

UCSF Privacy Office Launces Enhanced Electronic Health Record Monitoring Program

With an eye towards patient privacy and confidentiality, the UCSF Privacy Office recently launched an enhanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) monitoring program, using Iatric Systems’ Security Audit Monitoring software. To read more about this ePHI monitoring application, click here.

Enterprise Content Management Program Expands

In order to improve the safety of patient data and speed care delivery, UCSF IT implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that started in 2014. Enterprise Content Management a formalized way to organize, manage and store an organization's documents, digital archives and other content that relate to the organization's processes and workflow. We like to think of ECM as a way to get rid of paper, and streamline, or centralize, our processes and information. Read more about our group.

Enterprise Information Management & Analytics: Liberating Data & Information

The Enterprise Information Management & Analytics Team recently launched three new dashboards to support strategic initiatives around operational efficiency and value, patient safety and satisfaction. Learn more about these customized measurement tools created by the team.

Available Now: Gartner Research at UCSF

Available now across UCSF, Information Technology is pleased to offer free access to the Gartner Campus Access Program designed specifically for faculty, staff and affiliates in academic settings. This online tool is accessible through the web site, or by clicking here: To read more about this tool, click here.

Get Ready to Collaborate with IT! Sharecase is Back

Once again IT Leaders from across UCSF will host the third annual UCSF IT Sharecase event at the Mission Bay Convention Center on October 2, 2015. This one-day expo provides an opportunity to engage directly with IT to discuss current services, new capabilities under development and future directions of collaboration between the IT ecosystem at UCSF and the clinicians, educators, researchers, students and administrators across the enterprise. Click here to add it to your calendar:

For more information, and to view highlights from the first Sharecase, click here:

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