Organizational Update

Medical Center IT and Campus ITS Directors presented recommendations to our CIO, Joe Bengfort, and a collective, final structure will be communicated to the IT team. This will be the most productive structure possible to meet the diverse needs of UCSF moving forward. Joe will share this plan and vision through the following timeline of key events:

  • Monday, September 30: IT leadership team will review the organization structure, finalize talking points, and produce a presentation for communication with the larger IT team
  • Wednesday, October 2: CIO video streamed all hands meeting. There will be a method to submit questions for either a segment at end of video stream, follow-up email, or, FAQ posting
  • Wednesday afternoon to Friday October 4: Managers will hold staff meetings to review material again, talk in detail about what it means to specific team(s), and answer questions
  • Thursday, October, 17: All hands at Mission Bay where the new IT structure will the majority of the agenda

Your participation and discussion are encouraged. Please monitor this site for additional updates.