Data Center Migration Update

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UC Health has established a “two data center” strategy to improve security, stability, and cost efficiency for data centers across UC Health campuses. UCSF is leading this effort –in fact, our medical record (APeX) is already running in the new data center in Quincy, WA.

We are currently migrating the remaining applications to Quincy; however, there are nearly 50 applications for which we cannot identify an owner. Systems whose owners have not been identified by May 23rd may be at risk of becoming inaccessible. Please review the information below, and if you own or manage an application in a UCSF data center, please click here to review the list of applications with unknown owners.

Please Help Us Identify Application & Server Owners

Identifying Application Owners

The UCSF wiki site’s Data Center Migration Project page contains a list of applications whose owners have either a) not been identified, or b) not responded to a meeting request for application discovery. Applications without owners are at risk of missing back-ups, patches, and other critical tasks, and will ultimately be closed if an owner is not identified. Please review the applications on the list and, if you can identify the manager or owner of a listed application, notify Margo Manser at [email protected].

Identifying Server Owners

In early May, we will post a list of servers that are in our environment but do not have an owner. These servers represent a serious risk since we must move them out of the data center, but don’t know what is running on them or the impact to our business partners if we shut them down to move them. We will follow the current process of notifying the community of servers that are a security risk before we take action to shut them down. If you can identify the manager or owner of a listed server, please notify Margo Manser at [email protected].

Important Application/Server Migration Dates

  • May 16, 2016 – Full lists of all servers and applications without known owners will be posted on the following page:
  • May 18, 2016 – In accordance with the current process for identifying devices with vulnerabilities, you will receive a notification email with following subject: NOTIFICATION: DEVICE REMOVALS FROM UCSF NETWORK. Please review the contents of this email and take appropriate action.
  • May 23, 2016 – On this date, IT will begin unplugging devices without owners from the network (information and applications on these servers will consequently become unavailable).

Other Project Updates

As this project continues to move forward, please be aware of the following developments that may change how you interact with ITS:

New Criteria for Local Servers

Effective April 18, 2016, all new physical servers and virtual machines will be installed in either Quincy or the Energy Center Data Center (ECDC), located behind the Mission Bay Children’s Hospital. Due to physical restrictions around rack availability, location in an earthquake zone, and high power prices in the bay area, only systems with latency constraints, high network bandwidth utilization (such as PACS, Imaging, etc.), or a need to be physically located in the ECDC (such as facilities’ power building management systems) will be candidates for local placements.

Customers are encouraged to follow the existing process of opening a service request ticket to request data center services. We will work with you to understand any system limitations.

Delivery of New Servers

Kevin Barney, IT Facilities Manager, is the primary contact for coordinating delivery of any new servers to be shipped and racked in Quincy or ECDC. If you are ordering equipment to be deployed in either new data center, Kevin must be included early in the process so that he can assist in receiving and installing your new equipment. As soon as you identify the potential need for a new server, please take the added step of emailing Kevin at [email protected] to ensure he is included early in the planning process; do not wait until you are ready to purchase to contact him.

In addition to providing early notice to Kevin, please follow the existing process of opening a service request ticket to request server delivery and installation services.

Data Migration Schedule

Since the scope of applications and servers to be migrated has now been frozen, our data center migration partner is finishing up the process of bundling applications and servers in our environment into appropriate migration “move groups,” which will minimize disruption of services during migration. Migration events will occur beginning in June and ending in October. As we finalize the list, we will be posting the schedules and information at the data center migration wiki site located at:

If you have questions or concerns about the upcoming migration activities, please send an email to our monitored email address at [email protected] and the team will get back to you. We appreciate all the time and effort that the UCSF community has dedicated to this project; your active participation has been instrumental in this project’s progress.