Data Classification Standard & Device Registration

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UCSF IT has implemented a new Data Classification Standard in accordance with UCOP policy to require all electronic data managed and owned by UCSF to be classified, wherever it may be stored. As part of this policy implementation, we are requiring all devices connected to the network be registered and assigned an appropriate Protection Level Classification (PLC) value in our Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  All existing asset records have been assigned the following default values based on their device type – see table below. New asset records will be assigned the same default value until it is changed by the device manager. Please visit for more information on UCSF Policy 650-16 and the new Data Classification Standard.

Please visit the Device Management Form to register/update your device. This form can be found by going to or direct link here. Please visit our instructional page on how to register, lookup, and update your device record. Please note: devices running BigFix will automatically update the CMDB every night at 4am. However, you are still required to update the device manager, assignee, and PLC value as that information is not automatically maintained.

Server High (P4 UCOP)
Network Gear High (P4 UCOP)
Storage Devices High (P4 UCOP)
Computer Moderate (P3 UCOP)
Printers Low (P2 UCOP)
UPS Minimal (P1 UCOP)
Other Device Types Not Listed Here Low (P3 UCOP)