Encryption for New Desktop Computers

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In order to reduce campus risk, IT Field Services will begin encrypting new or reimaged desktop computers starting Monday, May 13, 2013.   While not yet a UCSF policy, we expect that in the near future desktop encryption will be required, and the Medical Center will soon be encrypting all desktops as part of a refresh.

We have chosen to do this proactively on new desktop computers because they are capable and will not experience any noticeable degradation in performance, while over time reducing UCSF exposure of data loss through theft.  Additionally, we plan to communicate with you over the coming months to ensure any currently deployed desktops containing PHI or other restricted data are identified for encryption.  If you would like this service sooner, please submit a ticket by calling 415-514-4100 or online at

ITFS continues to encrypt ALL laptops and is actively aligning our practices with the existing policy for deployed desktops according to the minimum security standards policy listed below:  /policies/ucsf-minimum-security-standards-electronic-information-resources

Please contact any of us with any questions or concerns you may have:

Field Managers:

Andres Elenes  [email protected] (Parnassus)

Phi A. Nguyen  [email protected] (Laurel Heights/Mt. Zion)

Pete Seatavakin  [email protected] (Mission Bay)

John Chin (50% interim) [email protected] (Mission Center Building)


Customer Engagement Managers:

Quinn Hearne  [email protected]

Erik Wieland  [email protected]