IT Field Services Hiring Phase 2 Update

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July 1, 2013

IT Field Services had initially targeted late Fall of this year to hire the balance of Senior Field Technician and Field Technician positions required to support the campus. This timing was based on the assumption that the entire campus would participate in the service by December 2014.  During the implementation development phase of the planning, concerns were raised regarding the implementation of the service.  An exception policy was created in collaboration with executive leadership, detailed here (/services/faqs-field-services):

Starting in January 2014, academic department chairs will be able to submit opt-out requests to their deans for full time research FTE's within their academic research laboratories who do not work with protected patient data at any time in the course of their employment. These exceptions are granted due to the unique equipment nature of these labs and the high number of their staff who do not regularly use computers. An academic research laboratory is defined as primarily engaged in non-clinical, academic research with a focus on graduate education and training. Central administration in these departments cannot opt out. Those who opt out will not receive campus desktop support services unless they pay on a time & materials basis (for IT service desk and desktop support costs).

In order to ensure ITFS is staffed appropriately, we must delay hiring for the final number of positions until the exemption process begins in January 2014.  Based on the number of exemptions granted, we will re-evaluate the number of staff required, and may decrease the number of positions to hire.  We are now targeting Spring 2014 for the hiring process which will include listing the positions, interviews, reference checking, selection and offers.

To be eligible for any positions next year, you must be a career, UCSF employee.  If we exhaust the internal pool and have not filled all positions, only then will we open the positions externally and be allowed to evaluate external applicants, which include UCSF contractors and part-time employees with 49% or less appointments.