Enterprise Content Management Expands

Dawn Jackson-Freyman's picture

In order to improve the safety of patient data and speed care delivery, UCSF IT implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that started in 2014. We like to think of ECM as a way to get rid of paper, and streamline, or centralize, our processes and information.

As of early 2015, the ECM roll-out to all inpatient departments is complete, and our team is poised to launch a similar roll-out to all ambulatory and outpatient clinics along with photo mobile capture to clinics this summer. The mobile photo capture is exciting as it will allow physicians use their smartphone camera to securely upload data directly to the patient’s medical record.

As a result of the content management system, IT has helped UCSF to save over 3,000,000 sheets of paper as well as countless hours chasing down paper forms.

The ECM team continues to identify and develop new applications for the Chancellor, Human Resources, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University Development, and the Controller’s office. A recently created solution for HR included digitizing all personnel files. Since April, HR has scanned over 2,700 files containing more than 500,000 pages.

More ECM solutions are being developed in partnership with the UCSF PMO and Clinical Systems teams. Please contact [email protected] for more information.