Faster (automated) Account Creations

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In an effort to improve the speed at which accounts are created, IT is implementing an automated solution for new Campus account creations requested from the “Campus, SOM & ZSFG (SFGH) Network and Fileshare Account Request” form at on May 24th.

This change will allow near real-time fulfillment of network/email account requests (instead of days with a manual account creation). Within a few minutes of submission of the “Campus, SOM & ZSFG (SFGH) Network and Fileshare Account Request” form, the requested account will be created and the account requestor will receive a notification that the account request was fulfilled.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: With this change, IT is only able to automate the creation of network and email accounts. Network share access, account modifications/deletions, and other account attributes is still a manual process, and (if requested) will be handled as a piece of the overall request – the Network/Email portion of the request will be fulfilled in near real-time.

Please note – IT is unable to create new accounts for those with inactive affiliations with UCSF.

Be sure to confirm with HR on active affiliation before submitting an Account Request Form, otherwise the system will reject the request.

To be eligible for IT system access and in order for the automated process to work, a person must have an active affiliation with the University and be within their Start and End dates with UCSF.

More information on this policy can be found online at our Email Standards policy page.