Improving Efficiencies Across UCSF: DocuSign

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Welcome DocuSign

DocuSign is a cloud-based application that is fully integrated with MyAccess. DocuSign is a legally-binding, easy-to-use eSignature application that automates workflow and allows recipients to complete forms and sign documents securely. DocuSign not only captures signatures, but also allows signers to enter initials, full name, or email address, the date signed, attachments, or more general data fields, as designated by the sender.

All UCSF users now have access to a DocuSign account through MyAccess, however some users may not automatically be able 'send' documents from DocuSign.  If, for any reason, you are unable to send documents via DocuSign, please submit a ServiceNow ticket here.


Why use DocuSign?

EFFICIENT: The current process of printing a form, signing it, scanning it, and then emailing it takes up too much administrative time and decreases efficiency.

FAST: DocuSign will significantly speed up any processes that require signatures.

MOBILE: Users can sign from anywhere and on any device

Several UCSF groups are already using DocuSign and more are currently converting their processes. Here’s a look at why DocuSign has been so popular:

  • Tracks real-time routing status
  • Ensures secure, legal electronic signing both inside and outside of UCSF
  • Facilitates automated routing, reminders and expiration notices


How Do I Get Started Using DocuSign?

Learn more about streamlining your work with DocuSign with our self-directed resource page: /services/electronic-signature