Integration Services can help your team build robust, reusable and cost efficient interfaces

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If your team has to enter the same data into multiple IT systems then you may be in need of IT Integration Services. By interfacing IT systems you may be able to enter the data once and have it automatically flow into other systems.

Who We Are

Our specialties include the provision of the MuleSoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) software (for connecting applications) and the MuleSoft Application Programming Interface (API) Manager. Additionally, we can make the ESB and API Manager available to UCSF developers in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.

Our Success at UCSF

In 2015, our team worked on several integration projects with UCSF-wide impact. These included integration of Enterprise Directory Service (EDS) and PeopleSoft Financials to keep PeopleSoft in sync with changes to people records made in EDS and support the de-provisioning of users in PeopleSoft. As a result of our work, the data from EDS that is sent through the ESB to PeopleSoft is also available for use across multiple UCSF systems including Archibus, the new space management system.

Our team developed multiple integrations for the Archibus project. We used the EDS to ESB interface to send employee location information to Archibus and created new interfaces to receive employee location updates from Archibus and send them to the Campus Locator System. Archibus will be the system of record for building, floor and room data at USCF and our team developed APIs to expose this information to other systems. Directory Self-Service and the HR Service Request System will use our APIs to simplify entry of addresses and improve accuracy of address information.

2016: Expand our Scope and Build on Our Successes

Our team is currently working with the Student Information System (SIS) team to develop APIs to provide course information from SIS to the Collaborative Learning Environment (Moodle). We are also working with the PeopleSoft Financial team to expose the existing real time Chart of Account validation (combo edit) web service so that systems can leverage it through the ESB.

On the PaaS side, we are working with a team from the Memory and Aging Center (Department of Neurology) on a project using the Mule Platform to support functional monitoring of study participants.

Contact Us!

If your organization wants to build new integrations, enhance existing integrations, or publish existing web services for easy discovery across UCSF, contact us!

To see a full list of our services and learn more about our intake process, visit or contact [email protected]