IT Security Update – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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We continue the never-ending effort to protect UCSF's data and reputation from ever-changing cyber threats.

Over the last six months, we have implemented technology that has improved our ability to prevent, detect and respond to network attacks and these efforts are showing positive results in a material reduction in reportable security breaches in the past year.

That said, we rely on everyone’s continued cooperation to stay ahead of the game: Avoid ransomware. Watch out for phishing emails. If you’re not using a UCSF IT-managed computer you are required to install the UCSF Security Suite to encrypt your computer and to ensure you get all the latest security patches. Security threats change every day so diligence and awareness are key.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). You can find information on the presentations and special events UCSF has planned here:

This year, the UC campuses have also banded together for a blowout NCSAM celebration! The system wide celebration includes an assortment of events, where you can learn more about industry trends, how to improve your security posture and how to enforce security in a complex environment. There are also a variety of resources and promotional material to view and download, available to all UC faculty, staff and students at the Systemwide IT Security NCSAM Webpage.