IT Security Updates

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Read the latest information from the recent IT Security Town Hall as well as view other upcoming IT Security activities below

I. Important Information for Departmental IT Staff

Effective September 10, 2015, UCSF IT will begin removing high-risk desktops, laptops and servers that have failed to install BigFix, or have not registered manually.

We urge all users with system responsibilities to please subscribe to the IT-FORUM listserv ( to receive notifications regarding the systems scheduled for take down.

Any device that fails to install BigFix, or register manually will be considered a risk to UCSF and is subject to removal from the UCSF network.

II.  Click here to watch the August 2015 IT Security Town Hall and review the materials presented

III.  Critical IT Security Dates:

  • August 14 (through 17): All Desktops and Laptops must install BigFix (UCSF-owned, or personally owned that are used for UCSF business)

  • August 31: All Servers need to install BigFix or manually register

  • September 30: Devices with embedded operating systems (networked lab equipment; proprietary data collection/analysis equipment, temperature sensors, alarms, etc.) must be manually registered

IV.  Computer/Laptop Registration:  Action Required

Verify that your computer is registered.  To verify registration, look for the the BigFix icon on your computer. 


  1. If BigFix is installed, your registration is complete; no further action required.

  2. If you do not locate the BigFix icon on your laptop or computer(s), install BigFix by clicking here:

  3. For the very limited cases where BigFix cannot be installed, for example a high performance computer cluster, manual registration is required:

  4. Access the BigFix FAQ:

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100.

V.  Registration is a requirement on any computer used for UCSF business. Examples of UCSF business include, but are not limited to:

  • Reading UCSF email (unless exclusively
  • Accessing the APeX system
  • Submitting your time sheet
  • Accessing your work computer from a remote location
  • Accessing UCSF through VPN
  • Whether accessing the UCSF network from a computer at your office, your home, or a remote location, you must register by installing BigFix.

VI. Past BigFix Information Sessions:

  • August 17th 10:11:30am: Windows/Mac OS/Linux Troubleshooting workshop (No media stream is available for this workshop)

  • August 12th 10-1pm; Windows/Mac OS/Linux Troubleshooting workshop (No media stream is available for this workshop)

  • August 11th 10-11:30am: BigFix Security Architecture, UCSF IT Controls, and Program Improvements presentation by UCSF and BigFix CTO, Lee Wei. Please click here to watch the archived stream.