Learn How to Register and Encrypt your Computer

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Every computer that you use for UCSF business and education must be registered with BigFix and Encrypted. IT Security is the personal responsibility of everyone at UCSF.

Network monitoring will prevent your computer from accessing UCSF resources in the future if it is not security-compliant.

Register & Encrypt

You have three options to register and encrypt your computer(s):

  1. Do-It-Yourself instructions:
  2. Encryption Clinics: sign up for a clinic to get hands-on help registering and encrypting:
  3. Service Desk: Call the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100, 24x7

Do I Need to Register & Encrypt My Device(s)?

  1. /encryption

Am I Already Registered?

To verify that BigFix is installed and your computer is registered:

Am I Already Encrypted?

To verify if your computer is encrypted: /how_do/how-determine-your-computer-encryption-status

For more information and to get started:

Registration: /services/registering-your-computer
Encryption: /encrypt

UCSF Minimum Security Standards/policies/ucsf-minimum-security-standards-electronic-information-resources