macOS - Sierra

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Apple will be releasing their next operating system, macOS 10.12 (Sierra). UCSF IT recommends not upgrading to Sierra (10.12) until the Operating System has been fully tested for compatibility with UCSF systems and standard software.

Please *Do Not* upgrade to Sierra (10.12). If you have OS X 10.9 or an older version, we recommend that you upgrade to 10.11.6. Apple will most likely stop providing software updates or critical security updates for OS X 10.9 and older versions after the release of Sierra. Additionally, Symantec, Box, Microsoft, and other software vendors will stop supporting OS X 10.9 and older soon after the release of Sierra. If you have any questions about upgrading your Macs to the current supported version OS X 10.11.6, please contact the UCSF IT Service at 415-514-4100.

UCSF IT has begun some initial testing of common UCSF applications on the Sierra GM Beta version. Testing results are being posted on the UCSF IT wiki ( UCSF IT will send out an announcement when Sierra is supported.