Maximizing the Impact of IT Governance at UCSF

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Kevin H. Souza, MS, Associate Dean for Medical Education, has assumed the role as chair of the IT Governance Steering Committee in October 2017, succeeding Dr. Ron Arenson, who served as chair from 2014 to 2017. Serving as Chair of the Committee on Education Technology for the past three years, Kevin has demonstrated exceptional leadership, collaboration, and organizational skills and we look forward to working with him to maximize the impact of IT Governance at UCSF.

Kevin has served the UCSF community since 1993 when he came here from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He founded the School of Medicine’s Technology Enhanced Learning unit in 2000, bringing together innovation and support for online learning, education data, and technology solutions for the School of Medicine.

Since assuming leadership of IT Governance, Kevin has led the community in the development of new guiding principles for IT Governance; creation of a new IT Governance website; and launched an IT Governance wiki where the community can monitor ongoing business of the steering committee. Visit the new IT Governance website and the new IT Steering wiki.