Mission Bay IT: A Rare and Special Moment

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IT Team,

With both Mission Bay Hospital and Mission Hall in full operation, the IT Leadership team and I are just now catching our breath from what has been a thrilling professional achievement.

As the enormity of the IT effort for these two events starts to fade, please take a moment and allow a new emotion to take shape by considering the lives that will be changed through the work being done in these two facilities. We are sincerely grateful for the heart and determination of the UCSF IT team and your important contributions to these strategic milestones.

Our Lasting Mark

Don’t get me wrong, we thought about sending a note of thanks out on February 2 just after the hospital go-live, but I couldn’t help but recall the Presidential gaff with the “Mission Accomplished” thing. So we agreed to let the dust settle to see what we’ve built.

The final results have not disappointed. The sense of accomplishment is difficult to grasp as the reality of what has come to life at Mission Bay and Mission Hall sinks in, and every member of UCSF IT has an indelible thumbprint on those efforts.


The accomplishments of the UCSF IT team to move Mission Bay and Mission Hall from concept to concrete include the following:

  • The unsung heroics of the network team who not only build the data network in these facilities but also to upgrade the entire network to interconnect them into the rest of the UCSF system.
  • The ground-breaking and back-breaking work in the area of what was once called the Patient Media Wall and is now the OneView Interactive Patient System. It’s become a true centerpiece for technology at Mission Bay.
  • The use of smartphones with the Voalte system to change how Nursing communicates and cares for patients.
  • Managing the thousands of devices that had to be planned, configured, deployed and tested.
  • Integrating and installing the new Pathway kiosks fashioned to help patients find their way.
  • Installing the new IP telephony system based on Cisco including new auto call distribution systems.
  • The shifting of field services and network teams to meet the demand for device deployments and ramp-up of support.
  • The complex Nurse Call systems and alarm integration.
  • Expanding and simplifying the video and audio systems to support video conferencing and telehealth.
  • Implementing, expanding and augmenting the data center computing, storage and data backup systems to meet the needs of this new facility.
  • Overseeing all of the adjustments to IT’s support processes and support systems.
  • Building the myriad of new interfaces to interconnect devices and applications in ways that simplify the workflow of our customers.
  • …And, last but not least, after all that exhausting work we joined efforts to climb the mountain for GO-LIVE.

Put this in context with all the other major changes and accomplishments of UCSF IT over this time frame and it is truly a world-class accomplishment. And while the leadership team and I thought about calling out certain individuals to thank them personally, we all agreed it was a group effort across our organization.

The IT Director team and I all share the emotions of thanks, gratitude, relief and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Thank you so very much for your work on behalf of UCSF. We all look forward to the UCSF IT celebration – the planning for which is already underway!

Thank you all,

Joe Bengfort & the IT Leadership Team