NAC SecureConnector Installation on BYOD devices

Traci Farrell's picture

Beginning Aug. 23, UCSF IT will begin installing a network access control (NAC) agent called ForeScout SecureConnector on all non-ITFS managed computers that have BigFix, including personally owned computers but excluding servers.

SecureConnector will be installed silently and will run in the background with minimal impact to the device. SecureConnector will help us gauge compliance with UCSF Minimum Security Standards (encryption, antivirus, BigFix, etc.). Later this year, SecureConnector will be required to access the network.

As you know, BigFix is required on all computers used to conduct UCSF business. BigFix is the only practical way for IT to ensure that all computers have the required agents and software. UCSF IT will be installing required security tools via BigFix so users won’t have to install them on their own. Support of non-ITFS-managed computers is the owner’s responsibility, and UCSF IT will continue to provide best-effort support.

Please visit to learn more about the comprehensive set of security initiatives we have planned.