Progress on Our Accelerated IT Security Program

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Progress on Our Accelerated IT Security Program

Since we started the accelerated security plan at UCSF, we have substantially improved our security risk profile. Thanks to all of you for your cooperation and adherence to our enhanced security measures.

As a result of your diligence, we have registered 39,000 computers with BigFix, installed and are actively running Symantec antivirus software on more than 37,000 computers and we have encrypted just under 29,000 computers. These numbers are truly impressive!

And while we are pleased with the progress to date, we want to ensure that each of you plays a direct role in the safe keeping of UCSF’s data and assets. If you have not yet registered or encrypted your computer, please go to: to get started.

IT is working hard in the background to improve our detection and prevention of attacks as they occur. Thank you for your active involvement in these efforts.