Reminder: Email Data of Employees Who Have Left UCSF is Deleted after 90 Days

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In order to bring records retention policies into alignment with UCOP and the other UC campuses, UCSF has updated its enterprise-wide policy on how long to retain separated employees’ [email protected] email data after they leave UCSF employment. UCSF leadership arrived at this policy decision after an exhaustive review of existing UC policies and industry best practices.

Employees’ [email protected] accounts are suspended upon separation from active affiliation with the University. Suspension takes effect on the night of separation in an automatic process. Absent any requested legal holds, suspended email accounts are retained for 90 days, after which they are deleted and all data is purged from the system.

In the past, UCSF has had inconsistent records retention policies in place across its various domains (School of Medicine, Campus, Medical Center, etc.). Going forward, the 90-day retention policy applies to all UCSF employees, regardless of domain.

Please note that, for security reasons, the forwarding of mail through the [email protected] system to an outside email service is not possible.

For more information on UCSF Email standards, click here.