Security Enhancements at UCSF: Now and Into 2015

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Security Enhancements at UCSF: Now and Into 2015

Campus Border Firewall Filtering

Already underway at UCSF, the campus border firewall filtering initiative is focused on preventing unwanted Internet traffic from reaching UCSF systems. Outbound traffic and internal UCSF traffic will not be affected. Our goal is to protect UCSF computers and networks from malicious traffic while minimizing customer impact.

For more information on the campus border and firewall efforts and to see the timeline, visit our project web page (please note that this website is only accessible from the UCSF network or over VPN). 

Important Information for Departmental IT Staff

Minimizing customer impact requires frequent communications about scheduled changes. If you manage servers, please subscribe to one of two email lists for ongoing updates: IT-Forum and Security-Update (subscribe at All communications regarding this initiative will be shared with those list subscribers.



UCSF IT is expanding its enterprise-wide encryption program. Our goal is to ensure that all computers used to conduct UCSF business be encrypted by August 2015, starting with the IT Field Service managed desktops.

Dell Data Protection Encryption has been selected as the new enterprise encryption solution. It was chosen for enhanced performance, configurability and customer experience compared to our existing solutions. The team in IT is taking great care to minimize disruption to our customers and has designed a straightforward exception process for critical research groups.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sure to keep the enterprise aware of relevant dates and next steps as it relates to encryption starting with a series of Encryption Town Halls scheduled for early 2015. These Town Halls will provide an overview of the program and answer your questions.

For more information on the encryption efforts underway at UCSF, see our project web page at: