AT&T Mobility Rate Reduction, 2014

IT is pleased to announce that we now have decreased the rates for all UCSF mobility (cellphones, etc.) users. While there is no action required for our Medical Center users, campus users will need to work with AT&T directly in order to obtain the rate reduction. Departments who have AT&T Mobility users should contact Bryndon Burfine, [email protected], 650-714-4245 to get their rates reduced.

This includes personal AT&T Mobility users as well. If a UCSF Employee or Student has a personal paid AT&T Mobility service you can obtain a discount on your personal paid bill because you are a UCSF Employee or Student. The old contract discount was 14% for Employees and 7% for Students. The new contract offers 17% for Employees and 10% for Students. If you already had the previous contract discount, there is no action to take and the new discount will automatically apply.