WebEx Now Available Across all of UCSF

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What is WebEx?

For those not familiar with WebEx, this is an all-in-one conferencing solution that incorporates audio conferencing, desktop document sharing and webcam video into a single platform. WebEx can be used with a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

As for collaboration, WebEx provides users with an audio conference bridge, desktop content and application sharing, a chat feature, online white boards, real-time document editing tools, a recording/playback option and other conferencing platforms that will allow you to assemble remote resources with collaboration tools aimed at making your meetings more productive.

How Do I Get Started Using WebEx?

You have already been provisioned a WebEx account. To schedule a WebEx meeting, go to and log in with your email address ([email protected]) and your network password. For more detailed instructions on how to get started, click here: /services/web-conferencing-webex

To better familiarize yourself with this new tool, sign up for WebEx training here: (search: WebEx).

Is WebEx the Right Tool* for Me?

Whether you are evaluating your existing web and audio conference tool(s), or wanting to learn more about the features and functionalities of WebEx, click here to learn more:

Cost Savings with WebEx

Because WebEx is centrally funded, we encourage your group to discontinue third-party video, audio or web conferencing tools and try WebEx.

*Ideal for individual resources who are remote or part of a distributed team, WebEx is not intended nor capable of replacing in-room video conferencing tools and services.