BCHO - GroupWise to Exchange Online: Frequently Asked Question’s

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Frequently Asked Question’s (Note: Exchange and Outlook is being used interchangeably):


  • Will I lose my old GroupWise email? No, your old email will get migrated to Exchange Online
  • Will I be able to access GroupWise after the migration?  No, all your old email will be migrated over to Exchange and you will no longer have access to GroupWise
  • Will I still receive messages addressed to my old BCHO email address? Yes, email addressed to the old email account will automatically be received in the corresponding email account
  • Do I need to set an auto-reply message in GroupWise? No, all mail sent to an active address will automatically be delivered in the appropriate mailbox.  When you reply to senders, it will be from your new email address notifying the recipient of the change in email
  • How come my recurring meetings get migrated as single instances in Outlook?  Unfortunately recurring meetings in GroupWise will not migrate as a recurring meetings into Outlook but as separate/individual appointments
  • Will I be able to see if the recipient has read my email in Outlook like I can in GroupWise?  Unfortunately, this is one feature that is missing in Outlook unless you requested read receipt and the recipient did NOT decline to send read receipt.
  • Will I be able to access my GroupWise personal archived emails? Yes, as long as your archive folder was identified and included in the migration, it will be migrated to the Exchange Archive
  • If I am using Outlook fat client, will I have access to my Archive mailbox when I am offline? No, Exchange Archive Online is available while online and there is no local copy cached on your workstation
  • Will disabled or expired GroupWise mailboxes get migrated to Outlook? We are not planning on migrating any disabled or expired GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook
  • What happens to email of staff who have left? Post migration to Outlook the UCSF/UCOP retention policy will apply. To learn more please visit:
  • Can I set proxy accounts (delegate) in Exchange? Yes. If you have given others proxy access to your GroupWise account, make a list of those people and the access rights you have granted them in case you want to re-grant them proxy access in Outlook. In Outlook, proxy is referred to as the delegate and managers can delegate calendars to their admins . To access shared contacts the admins will need the Outlook desktop client
  • Will I retain my proxy access into mailboxes of staff who are have left whose accounts are disabled or expired? We are NOT reinstating proxy access for regular user accounts in Outlook--only for certain resource/group/service type mailboxes
  • Will there be formal training on OWA/Outlook? No. BCHO users can access to online education and users are encouraged to review them
  • Will GroupWise Document Folders get migrated to Exchange?  No, this folder will not be migrated
  • Can I request Outlook thick client? Yes, you can request Outlook desktop client soon after the migration.  Initially everyone will get Outlook on the Web (OWA)
  • Before the cut over to Outlook, should I disable rules in GroupWise for incoming messages? Rules on incoming messages will be fine. We however do NOT recommend running rules manually as they will work on messages older than 7 days. If you have created any rules in GroupWise, document the rules in case you want to recreate them in Outlook. FAQ: Rules in Outlook Web App
  • When should I stop making changes to the GroupWise Distribution lists? Two weeks before the cutover/Go-Live date (~June) is when we plan to collect the GroupWise distribution Lists for migration to Exchange/Outlook.  After the collection date, please stop making changes to Distribution lists in GroupWise
  • While I am at work in BCHO, will I still need DUO 2-factor authentication to log into UCSF email (Outlook)? You will not need DUO from BCHO to access UCSF email. As part of this project, BCHO will be treated as a trusted network to access UCSF Exchange Email only; However, from remote locations, you will need UCSF's instance of DUO 2-factor authentication.
  • Can I send encrypted email (Subject line: encrypt vs secure)? Yes, to comply with the federal HIPAA regulations external email with patient information needs to encrypted.
  • Will users get email on their personal mobile devices? Yes, BCHO users will be to receive email on the mobile devices however the user should note that UCSF will in the near future install Mobile Device Management software on the mobile device.
  • Will I be able to recover deleted emails in Outlook? When you accidentally delete an email message you can recover the message if it's still in your Deleted Items folder. In some cases, you can even recover items after the Deleted Items folder is emptied. For more info on this:

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