Campus Wired Network Refresh Migration Plan

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Campus Wired Network Refresh

Refresh Migration Approach

The Campus Wired Network Refresh will encompass several fiscal years as it spans multiple campuses and numerous buildings to bring the wired network infrastructure up to current standards. Please note the table in the next section to reflect the previous accomplishments and future deliverables schedule

Refresh Migration Schedule

FY Campus CAAN Building Name Status
2016 Mission Bay   IRM Stem Cell Complete
2016 Mission Bay 3002 Genentech Hall Complete
2016 Mission Bay 3001 Rock Hall Complete
2016 Mission Bay 3034 Byers Hall Complete
2017 Mission Bay 2316 Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Complete
2017 Mission Bay 3003 William J. Rutter Community Center Complete
2017 Mount Zion 2037 Helen Diller Cancer Research Complete
2017 Laurel Heights 2450 Laurel Heights Complete
2018 Parnassus 2212 Millberry Union East / West WIP
2018 Parnassus 3008 Health Sciences East  
2018 Parnassus 3009 Health Sciences West  
2018 Parnassus 2252 Medical Sciences (IDF consolidation)  
2019 OLA 3531 982 Mission Street  
2019     2300 Harrison Street  
2019 ZSFG 3513 2727 Mariposa Street  
2019 OLA 3528 3360 Geary Boulevard  
2019 OLA 2417 / 3011 Hunters Point  
2019     185 Berry Street  
2019 Parnassus 2408 ACC  


For More Information

For any questions, please contact the IT PMO project manager: [email protected]