CIO News for April 2014

The latest service updates for the UCSF enterprise

Ready for 7?

April 8, 2014, the date Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, is right around the corner. Beyond the upgrade project, we will take additional measures to protect the UCSF network. Critical information in this regard was shared earlier this week. Learn more regarding our mandatory upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system, exceptions, and risks here.

Windows Server 2003

Similarly, Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015. All units with servers currently running Windows Server 2003 should allocate funds while planning for next year’s budget cycle that includes potential hardware, operating system, and application upgrade expenses. Contact the Data Center Services team, if you would like to learn more regarding our shared facility.

Finance3 is Live

UCSF now has a new Chart of Accounts, a new Reporting Tool (MyReports), and a new planning system (UPlan). All financial systems have now been converted to the new Chart of Accounts. A big “thank you” to all those involved in converting both central and departmental systems, as well as implementing MyReports and UPlan. For more information, please visit the Finance3 website, or call the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100, option 2.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

The UCSF Enterprise Risk Assessment identifies potential compliance issues and establishes a priority for closing the gaps. Over 300 people have participated in the program, which continues through June. Visit our site for more detail. We appreciate your continued engagement.

Web Security Training

IT Security is offering web developers and administrators a course from SANS (System Administration, Audit, Networking, and Security) Institute. The online course provides educational material to design, develop, procure, deploy, and manage secure software. Contact [email protected] to sign up for this two-hour course.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)

Due to changes in technology and trends, the UCSF BES will be decommissioned on September 1, 2014. As of March 31, IT will no longer create new BlackBerry accounts. By leveraging the ActiveSync protocol, like iPhone and Android devices, you may continue to use newer models running BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

The Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence team continues to mature analytic capabilities and access to data. For the research community, we are developing both a Research Executive Dashboard (FlashDash) that can highlight patients enrolled in clinical research studies or other measures as well as the Research Data Browser that allows researchers to explore APeX data and assists in the identification of candidates for clinical trials. On the patient care side, Discharge Before Noon Dashboard* or DischDash* provides access to patient discharge time—a Medical Center organizational goal. Other dashboards include an Executive Dashboard, Quality Dashboard, and Service Line Dashboard. Details about each dashboard and metrics associated are available in the Catalog website*. Contact [email protected] for more information. (*Note: Browsers other than Internet Explorer may require your workstation login for access. Some areas of dashboards have restricted access.)

Academic Research Systems

The team continually enhances MyResearch, a secure web-based environment. Recent additions include: Dental Data Explorer, a de-identified copy of the UCSF School of Dentistry clinical database; an update to the latest version of SAS, a statistical analysis software; MatLab, a mathematical modeling tool; and R, a project for statistical computing widely used in research community. For information contact: [email protected]. To sign up for a MyResearch account, contact: [email protected].

AT&T Mobility Rate Reduction in 2014

IT is pleased to announce that we now have decreased the rates for all UCSF mobility (cellphones, etc.) users. While there is no action required for our Medical Center users, campus users will need to work with AT&T directly in order to obtain the rate reduction. Departments who have AT&T Mobility users should contact Bryndon Burfine, [email protected], 650-714-4245 to get their rates reduced. Visit our website for more information, including details on reduced personal mobility user rates for UCSF employees and students.

UC Computing Services Conference (UCCSC)

UCCSC will be hosted by UCSF this year August 3 – 5 and is a great opportunity for IT professionals to meet and network with colleagues from across the UC system.

Telehealth Listserv

Join the Telehealth listserv for the latest telehealth news, case studies, and developments. To participate in the conversation, send email to [email protected], leave the subject line blank, and make the first line of the email read “Subscribe listname your_full_name” (Example: Subscribe UCSFTELEHEALTH Jane Doe), or contact [email protected].

If you have questions please contact our IT Service Desk at: 415-514-4100 or

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