CIO News for September 2013

As this is my first CIO News since being appointed to the newly consolidated role, I thought I’d take a moment to put this development into perspective. I’ve been asked by Jeff Bluestone, John Plotts, Mark Laret and Ken Jones to consolidate many aspects of information technology at UCSF across the Campus and Medical Center with the goals of increasing collaboration, positioning us to meet the new and expanding IT needs of the institution and to do so in an efficient and productive manner. These goals are driven by the larger imperatives of rapidly changing competitive market conditions and financial pressures we are seeing in every aspect of our mission at UCSF. Sounds a bit daunting but in fact these conditions call for us to operate more and more as one institution with three important missions. It seems to me that a support function such as IT must be in a position to advance greater collaboration across our missions in these times. That won’t be done by simply consolidating functions but more importantly by putting systems and processes in place that allow us to share data, analytical tools and expertise to enable our departments to gain insight to business operations, clinical care, research and education. That’s what will make this an interesting ride.
OK, below are a few new developments within IT along with a handful of “Favorite Apps.” I’ve been told that the favorite apps was an absolute must to continue sharing.
Sharecase Speaker: Sam Hawgood, Dean, School of Medicine, and Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs will be our featured keynote speaker on the morning of the event. Dr. Hawgood will discuss the new clinical enterprise strategy under development by the School of Medicine and the UCSF Medical Center and the role of information technology in that strategy. Register for the November 8 Sharecase event at Mission Bay—I hope to see you there.
Submit Your IT Innovation: Your creative IT solution to significantly affect UCSF’s mission is wanted before October 10. This team-based contest is open to the entire campus community and encourages experimentation with new technologies for broad benefit. One of last year's IT Innovation Contest winners, CTSI Profiles, also received the 2013 UC Sautter Award awarded at UC's Computing Services Conference at UC Irvine. We look forward to this year's innovations.
Explore Patient Populations Through ARS Cohort Selection Tool: As a researcher, you may be familiar with Integrated Data Repository (IDR). The Academic Research Systems (ARS) Cohort Selection Tool enables you to assess the size of key populations receiving care at our Medical Center by a range of criteria from vital signs to billing diagnosis—available to the UCSF Research Community and affiliates through MyResearch. Contact the ARS team to learn more.
Milestone Success for Unified Messaging: We migrated voice mail technology to Unified Messaging (UM) for the UCSF campus community—you now receive voice messages in your email. You can set “answering rules” for your SmartPhone or from your Outlook account to route your number anywhere at any time.
Save with Data Center Services: UCSF IT now offers rapid provisioning of server computing and storage through our new data center services as an alternative to buying and managing your own systems. Contact the Data Center Services team for a free assessment.
Where’s that Shuttle? NextBus GPS arrival predictions for shuttles are here. The latest update to the UCSF app on iOS/Android includes predictions for Grey, Gold, Blue, and Bronze for now with additional shuttles to come. Update/download the app for your iOS or Android device.
Continue Chatter with the CIO: Engage with me in this forum for all UCSF faculty, staff, and students to communicate. Select Chatter in MyAccess and search “Chat with the CIO.”
Favorite Apps:
Flipboard: Aggregate Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and news feeds into an easy-to-digest format. This app is great if you have limited time to catch up with the world.
MLB At Bat: While the Giants won’t make it to the playoffs, the baseball postseason is still exciting and the A’s are making a run. Every game. Everywhere. Stay in touch with your favorite team, check in-progress video highlights, listen to broadcasts, or search archives of 2013 season games on-demand.
Strava: If you run or cycle, see how you compare against the rest of the athletic jungle out there. Sometimes it's positive, other times depressing.
UCSF app (iOS or Android): Everything you need to stay UCSF connected—shuttle trip planner, directory, fitness center, social media, and latest news and events. Never be out of UCSF touch.
If you have questions or need IT assistance please contact our IT Service Desk via chat or phone: (415) 514-4100. And, as always, feel free to contact me directly.
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