Invalid Wireless Certificates

Wireless certificates are used as a proof of identity for the wireless access point, as well as securing the connection between the access point and you. A secure connection will encrypt all of the information being exchanged between you and the access point. However, if a certificate is invalid, then this information may be at risk. 

For instance, a hacker might setup a rogue wireless access point that can be used to steal your user information, along with other information being exchanged with the rogue access point.  Always verify that the certificate is valid for the access point. 

Most operating systems will notify that you are authenticating to a wireless network, and to view the certificate. 

How do I know if it's an invalid wireless certificate, or rogue access point?

OS X - When connecting to a new wireless access point, OS X will show you the following screen.

  1. Click on Show Certificate:
  2. When viewing the certificate, you will see that the certificate is invalid.

How do I know if it's an valid wireless certificate, and NOT a rogue access point?


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