IT Security Requirements and Resources Presentations

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UCSF IT and the Technology Commons offer orientation presentation to students, faculty and staff.  We can vary the topics and the length of the presentation.  Contact Esther Silver, if you are interested - [email protected]


Below is a link to one of our Presentations as well as a table with the topics covered.


SON Student Orientation:


Time Speaker Topics*
00-19 minutes Owen Buckvar, IT Security Analyst
  • IT Security Requirements
  • IT Security Resources
19-32 minutes Dan Pucillo, IT Operations Manager
  • Email
  • VPN
  • MyAccess
  • Wireless Network
  • UCSF Box
32-End Kirk Judson, Technology Commons Manager

Links to the following UCSF Resources:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Encryption
  • Email – laptop, phone, tablet
  • Passwords
  • Your personal librarian
  • Tech Support – contact info and locations
  • Computer labs & printing
  • Free & discounted software
  • Free Box cloud storage
  • Library Group Study Rooms
  • Online remote access
  • Online courses [CLE]


*Each of these slide decks was accurate as of September 2017. Many changes occur in IT so information on slides may no longer be accurate.

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