ITFS Self Service for Macs

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ITFS Self Service for Managed Macs

All ITFS Managed Macs have an application called Self Service that allows users to install common applications used at UCSF themselves, even if they don't have local administrator rights. ITFS Self Service can be used from any Internet connection and does not require VPN (though a UCSF ethernet connection is recommended for quicker installations).


Using Self Service

  • Open a new Finder window and browse to the folders Applications → Utilities and double-click Self Service to launch

  • When Self Service opens, enter your UCSF Active Directory username and password. This is your CAMPUS, SOM, or UCSFMC login which is also used to login to other UCSF resources like UCSFwpa, UCSF VPN, etc.

  • Once you have logged into Self Service, you can find your desired software and click the Install button associated with it to begin the installation process

Need Help?

Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100 if you have any questions about using ITFS Self Service for Managed Macs