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    Changing your UCSF password on your Mac is a two-step process to avoid account lockouts and access issues.  You must first update the password on your Mac then use the Password Management Tool to change your password for your UCSF account.

    For help choosing a password that meets our security requirements, please refer to our Password Complexity Requirements.  After you have changed your password using the Password Management Tool, it is also important that any additional devices you use that may be storing your UCSF account credentials also be updated. Remember that many devices store your credentials in more than one application and will need to be updated separately. For example, if you own an iPhone and use it to check your email and get on the UCSFwpa secure wireless network, you may need to update the password for both functions separately. Information on device specific password management for iPhones and Android devices can be found at our iOS Password Change or Android Password Update pages.

    To update your Mac password, see below:

    1. Update your password on your Mac by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences...

    1. Select Users & Groups

    1. Select your account under Current User and click the Change Password... button to change your password

    1. The password change window will open

    1. Enter your current UCSF Password in the Old Password field
    2. Enter your new password in the New Password and Verify fields
      1. Alternatively, you can click the button with a key icon to open the Password Assistant which can help you generate a new secure password 
    3. Your new password must meet the UCSF Enterprise Password Standard
    4. Optionally, you can enter a Password Hint in the last field that can be displayed to help you remember your password.
    5. Click Change Password to finish updating your password on your Mac, and continue to the next step

    After updating you Mac password, please proceed to the UCSF Password Management Tool to change your password for your UCSF account.

    1. Open a web browser and go to the UCSF Password Management Tool, and click Change Password
    2. Enter your UCSF username in the first field labeled Account Name
      1. ​This is the username used to login to UCSF resources such as UCSF Exchange email or the UCSFwpa wireless network
    3. Next, select the Domain that your account is on
    4. Enter your current UCSF Password in the Old Password field
    5. Then, enter the same new password that you created in "Step 1" above in the New Password and Please confirm new password fields
    6. Click the button Next >
    7. You should see a confirmation that your UCSF Password has been changed, and you can begin using your new password immediately

    Once you've completed both steps, you will need to use your new UCSF Password to login to UCSF Exchange, UCSFwpa, etc. as well as for logging into your Mac

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